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Crown Estate assets should be returned to Assembly control - McMullan

3 July, 2013 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has called for all Crown Estate assets to be handed over to the Assembly so that they can be managed for the benefit of all the people in the North after it was revealed they made record profits this year.

 Mr. McMullan said,

“All monies raised through the Crown Estate in the North are removed to the British Exchequer and the Assembly has no control on how much is returned to the North. “The Crown Estate own substantial properties, land and other rights including lifting rent from sea and river beds.

“This year the Crown Estate has recorded record profits and all of the money will go directly into the British Treasury with no accountability as to where it will be spent.

“I am calling for all properties and rights in the North under the control of the Crown Estate to be returned to the Assembly so that any profits generated can be used by the Assembly in a positive way to enhance services.”

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