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Sherlock hypocritical on Sinn Féin bill

4 July, 2013

Sinn Féin’s Sandra McLellan has criticised Labour Junior Minister Seán Sherlock for voting against the Equal Status (Amendment) Bill 2013.

Speaking today from Leinster House, the Cork East TD said that Deputy Sherlock was hypocritical, because the bill was in line with Labour Party policy.

She said;

“This bill had a number of purposes, but the most crucial purpose was to establish a system of equality budgeting in this state. We think it is essential that government departments and state agencies be forced to take account of the impact their decisions will have on the unemployed, the elderly, the poor, the disabled, those with special needs, and many more.

“It is Labour Party policy to support equality budgeting, however, last night Deputy Sherlock spoke and voted against our bill which aimed to introduce just that.

“He stated during the debate that the budgetary process should not be subject to approval in terms of the process or content of any State agency's board.

“I believe that this is a hypocritical position for Deputy Sherlock to take, given the Labour Party’s stated position.

“Recent budgets have been shown to have hit those on lower incomes harder than those more able to contribute. I believe there is a need to force state bodies and departments to consider the impact of their budgetary decisions, and our bill would have helped in that regard.”


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