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Were Department of Finance & Central Bank aware of Anglo tapes? Serious questions to be answered – Doherty

6 July, 2013 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Responding to the interview with former Anglo public interest director Alan Dukes on Drivetime tonight, Sinn Féin’s Pearse Doherty said there were implications from Dukes that the Department of Finance and the Central Bank were aware of the existence of the Anglo tapes. 

Deputy Doherty added that it appears that Alan Dukes has acted disgracefully and needs to be called to account. 

Doherty said

“I am shocked and appalled at these explosive revelations, which were made only because I asked Parliamentary Questions which revealed Alan Dukes had known about these tapes. 

“In the interview tonight, when asked why he had not handed the Anglo tapes to the Anglo investigations or the government, Alan Dukes said that decisions about how Anglo investigations were handled were made at board meetings. This seemed to include discussion about evidence they were given. The minutes of those board meetings were given to the Department of Finance and the Central Bank.

“Alan Dukes implied that if the Department of Finance or Central Bank had read these minutes they’d have been aware of the existence of the tapes.  

“This poses explosive questions. Did the Department of Finance and the Central Bank not read the board papers and minutes given to them at the time; were they asleep at the wheel? Or did they read them and know about the tapes? We need clarity immediately. Would the government have proceeded with the promissory note course if it had been aware in 2009 of those tapes? 

“The interview tonight with Alan Dukes revealed an arrogant man, who was paid handsomely for his role and still receives a generous pension from the taxpayer. He admitted knowing what was on those tapes, but didn’t see fit to ensure the bank investigators were given them or told about them. 

“He allowed the employees recorded to remain in their jobs on huge salaries. This is an outrage and very much not in the public interest. 

“Alan Dukes needs to be held to account immediately. ”

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