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Orange Order & unionist politicians directly responsible for violence

12 July, 2013 - by Gerry Kelly

Speaking this evening in Belfast, Sinn Féin Assembly member Gerry Kelly said that the violence that has erupted in the city this evening was the direct responsibility of the Orange Order and unionist politicians.

Mr Kelly said:

“Yesterday I said that if we were to have a peaceful Twelfth there was a need for leadership from the Orange Order and from unionist politicians. Today we have witnessed the exact opposite. Indeed they have led their own people into violence on the streets this evening.

“Speech after speech at the various demonstrations were clearly designed to stir up sectarian tension and have alongside the Orange Order’s failure to abide by Parades Commission determinations led directly to the violence in Belfast tonight.

“No amount of hand wringing or denial in the coming days from the Orange Order and Unionist politicians can alter that reality. People had a right to expect better, instead what we got was a very deliberate strategy with the inevitable results being seen on the streets this evening.” ENDS

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