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Robinson attempts to blame Parades Commission for violence ignores reality

12 July, 2013 - by Alex Maskey

Responding to a statement issued this evening by the First minister Peter Robinson, South Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey said:

“Tonight Peter Robinson issued a statement hours after the Orange Order inspired mob went on a rampage in both North and East Belfast. But instead of confronting the reality of this violence and the role of the Orange Order in it the First Minister instead attempted to blame the Parades Commission for the disgraceful scenes in Belfast tonight.

“This is disappointing and a failure in leadership. Peter Robinson is the First Minister for all people, not for the Orange Order or any other sectional interest. Pretending that the Parades Commission is too blame for attacks on the police or for attacks on the Catholic community in the Short Strand simply isn’t a tenable position for him to adopt.” ENDS

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