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Maskey anger over decision to remove Lower Ormeau from renewal scheme

2 August, 2004

South Belfast Sinn Féin Assembly member has branded a decision by the British Direct Rule Minister John Spellar to remove the Lower Ormeau area from the proposed Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme as 'typically without logic and totally unacceptable'.

Mr Maskey said:

"Under the original proposal the Village, Donegal Pass, Market and Lower Ormeau were to come together under the Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme. John Spellar this morning announced that the Lower Ormeau would not now be included in the scheme. There is no logic to this decision and it is totally unacceptable.

"The Lower Ormeau area has suffered from decades of neglect and lack of investment in the community infrastructure. The advent of the Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme offered a prospect of reversing this under funding. Now for reasons best known to himself John Spellar is attempting to block this chance of progress.

"I have already complained to the department and I have demanded an urgent meeting with Mr Spellar to insist that this disgraceful decision is reversed and the Lower Ormeau area is included as planned in the scheme." ENDS

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