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Stormont raid driven by anti Peace Process agenda

2 August, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly Group leader Conor Murphy has restated his view that the PSNI raid on the Sinn Féin Office in Stormont was politically motivated and designed to damage the peace process.

Mr Murphy said:

"It is the view of Sinn Fein and indeed the vast majority of nationalists that the stage managed raids on the Sinn Féin Offices in Stormont were politically motivated and part of a wider anti-peace process agenda operating within the PSNI. Just because Nuala O'Loan has failed to uncover evidence to support this does not mean that this widely held belief is flawed.

" The facts are very clear.

  • No evidence of intelligence gathering was found in the raid on the Sinn Féin Offices.
  • Two disks removed by the PSNI were returned within days
  • Charges against people relating to intelligence gathering in government buildings have been dropped
  • The media were present for the raid to create maximum effect
  • It was heavy handed operation with scores of armed PSNI in riot gear
  • The operation was directed by the Special Branch
  • It was designed to cause maximum political damage
  • It succeeded in seeing the political institutions collapsed

"This entire Special Branch operation from start to finish has been characterised by lies and misinformation and driven forward by a fundamental anti-peace process agenda within the PSNI Special Branch. This remains the case." ENDS

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