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DUP should distance itself from councillor advocating mass slaughter

1 August, 2013 - by Barry McElduff

Sinn Féin MLA Barry McElduff has called on the DUP to distance itself from comments made by their councillor Ruth Patterson who has said she supports a violent attack on the Castlederg Volunteers Day parade.

The DUP councillor made the comment on Facebook after a post reporting an imagined attack on the parade would see dozens killed and hundreds injured. The DUP councillor comments after the post ‘…who cares how we would be judged, we would have done a great service to Northern Ireland and the world getting rid of these evil, devious, scum like individuals…’

Barry McElduff said:

“This is a shocking comment from an elected representative who is endorsing the slaughter of people attending the parade by machine-guns, rocket-launchers and grenades.

“This type of talk is totally irresponsible and highly dangerous. Is Ruth Patterson advocating a Michael Stone style attack on a peaceful parade? It certainly appears so and we need to hear from the DUP as to whether they support this opinion.

“As has been shown in the past, comments made by political representatives and others can not only inflame a situation but actually motivate people to act on their words. Belfast City Council, of which Ruth Patterson is a member, should be looking at this and acting accordingly.

“Ruth Patterson has, by these comments and recent utterances, shown that she has no interest in building a peaceful future but is more interested in stirring hatred, division and whipping up hysteria.”

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