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Double Standards at Play in Castlederg by Parades commission- McHugh

6 August, 2013

West Tyrone Sinn Féin have made the decision to hold a counter protest at an Apprentice boys parade on Saturday 10th of August, which will be marching around Castlederg town centre, passing through Ferguson Crescent, Priests Lane and the Killeter Road.

Derg Cllr Ruairi McHugh said,

“Yet again this is an attempt by unionism to present a unionist narrative of the conflict and in doing so; is a further attempt to reinforce that there is a ‘hierarchy of victims’. All who suffered in the conflict should have the right to commemorate their dead.

"By virtue of its decision the parades commission have accepted that the supposed shared space of Castlederg town centre is the sole preserve of the loyal orders and loyalist band parades.

"The 10th of August will see the 19th loyal order parade in Castlederg this year. Our protest is to highlight the double standards at play and to give a dignified outlet to the anger vented in this community. Once again the on-going disparity of treatment has been allowed to continue in Castlederg.

"Sinn Féin has a track record of trying to remove contention around parading issues in Castlederg in an attempt to reduce tensions. It is unfortunate that others have not matched the resolve of Sinn Féin to do the same."

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