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Unionist leaders silent of attack on Belfast mayor yet find time to comment on parade - Maskey

8 August, 2013

Sinn Féin MP Paul Maskey has contrasted the silence of Peter Robinson and Mike Nesbitt after the attack on the Mayor of Belfast two days ago with the joint statement they issued this morning on parading in East Belfast.

Mr Maskey said:

“Two days on from the disgraceful assault on the Belfast Mayor by a unionist mob, neither Peter Robinson nor Mike Nesbitt have managed to issue one word of condemnation over the incident in Woodvale. Indeed the initial response of the DUP was to seek to justify the attack.

“In any other society the failure of the First Minister to make any public comment on an attack on the First Citizen would simply be unacceptable. Likewise his failure to make any public comment on the charging by the PSNI of his own party colleague Ruth Patterson for a sectarian rant on Facebook is equally noticeable.

“Yet despite Peter Robinson going AWOL on these important issues he finds the time to collude with his junior partner Mike Nesbitt to try and spin the truth about the Orange Order antics in East Belfast on July 12th.

“Time and again the leaders of political unionism fail when it comes to giving proper and progressive leadership.”

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