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Crowe wishes all Leaving Cert students the best of luck ahead of results

14 August, 2013 - by Seán Crowe TD

Speaking this morning ahead of the publication of the Leaving Certificate results Sinn Féin TD, Seán Crowe, wished all students the best of luck and urged them to remain calm and to put the exam and their results into context.

The Dublin South West TD said:

“I want to wish all students who are receiving their results today the very best of luck. It is important that they remain calm and put the exam and their results into context, no matter what score they receive.

“The hype around exam results time has intensified significantly in the last decade.

“Many young people have enough life pressures to cope with without the added stress of intense examinations over a short period of time and this pressure-cooker environment.

“I believe that intensively examining a student over a period of a couple of stressful weeks to see if they can progress to their third level preferred course is unfair, cruel, unjustifiable and not good for the education system.

“We have seen the introduction of a small number of continual assessment assignments in some subjects. I would like to see continual assessment become a much stronger element in the Leaving Certificate, to reduce pressure on students and to provide a more holistic education.

“Our education system should be about assisting students in developing and supporting their full potential according to their capabilities, and not pitting them against one another for limited college place.

“Disappointed students must realise that there are several other options open to students besides the University route.

“The results process and their outcome can be a difficult and highly pressurised period for many students.

“I urge all students, their schoolmates, their friends and family to engage in a supportive role during the next couple of weeks.

“These exam results need to be put into context, and while I wish each and every student well, these results are by no stretch of the imagination the be all and end all of a productive and meaningful life.”

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