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Sinn Féin repeats call for EU sanctions on Israel

4 August, 2004

Newry and Armagh Sinn Féin spokesperson for Palestine, Davy Hyland MLA, has said that the recent refusal of Israel to acknowledge the UN General assembly's overwhelming vote, demanding that they abide by an International Court of Justice decision, reiterates a need for EU sanctions against them.

Last week, The International Court of Justice ruled that Israel's West Bank barrier was illegal and should be removed with compensation being paid to those Palestinians whose property was confiscated for its construction. This week, the U.N. General Assembly echoed the demands of the International Court with 150 countries in favour, 6 against and 10 abstentions.

Mr. Hyland said, 'we have said, from the outset, that the West Bank barrier is illegal due to the clear humanitarian and political consequences of it. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians have lost freedom of movement, have lost access to land and water and have been isolated from their places of work, schools and hospitals. In effect, there has been a de facto annexation of major portions of Palestinian land."

In response to Israel's continued refusal to abide by International Court and U.N. decisions, Mr. Hyland added, "While all 25 EU member states have demanded, through their vote, that Israel dismantles the barrier, it will mean little unless measures are taken to ensure that they abide by this resolution. Sinn Féin, therefore, reiterates its call to immediately suspend the Euro-Mediterranean Association Agreement, which gives preferential trade to Israel from the EU, until such times that they agree to comply with International law and observe human rights."

"Sinn Féin in Newry/Armagh", Mr Hyland concluded, "have taken the step of appointing a spokesperson for Palestine and are, at present, setting up Palestine support groups in Armagh and Newry. Anyone who wishes to become involved can contact Sinn Féin on 028 30 261693 (Newry) or 028 37 511797 (Armagh).ENDS

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