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Pride march can help shape sexual orientation strategy

2 September, 2013 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann has called for equality, tolerance and respect for all at Newry Pride Festival,

 Speaking after the event, which took place on Saturday, Ms. McCann said,

 “Events like this encourage people to take pride in who they are and they help lesbian, gay and bisexual people, as well as transgender people, become more visible in our society. We need to foster this pride and visibility so that young LGBT people don’t feel alienated or frightened in school or in their local community. We want to make sure all people, young or old, should be proud of their sexuality, and gender, and don’t think they have to hide it from the people around them, including their colleagues and neighbours.”

  “OFMDFM have committed to publishing a Sexual Orientation Strategy. The Strategy will promote equality of opportunity for people who are lesbian, gay or bisexual by addressing the specific inequalities they face. We want to engage with as many people as possible in order to make sure that our strategy takes full account of the actual experiences and needs of people here. As soon as consultation begins, I encourage everyone to take the opportunity to get their views across.  That is the only way that we can make sure that the Sexual Orientation Strategy will make a positive impact on people’s lives and create an equal and diverse society.”

 “Pride is a celebration of the hard work and the achievements of the LGBT Community.  It makes a positive contribution through breaking down barriers and stereotypes and promoting community cohesion.  Festivals such as this put into practice the idea that diversity should be celebrated. It helps communities to flourish and makes us proud to be a part of them.”

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