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Anger at British Army incursion into County Monaghan

5 August, 2004

South Monaghan Sinn Féin County Councillor Matt Carthy has reacted angrily to news that a British Army helicopter last night crossed the Armagh/ Monaghan border at Corrinshigagh, Culloville. He has urged the Dublin government and in particular the Minister for Foreign Affairs Brian Cowen to make an immediate and forceful protest to the British Government for this latest incursion.

Cllr. Carthy said:

"Last night at least one British Army helicopter crossed the Armagh Monaghan border at Corrinshigagh, Culloville. To do so they had to cross the River Fane which is a very visible indication of county boundaries. I have received a number of phone calls this morning from irate residents informing me that the military helicopter travelled up to two miles into the heart of the parish of Donaghmoyne in County Monaghan. The illegal incursion lasted for at least fifteen minutes.

"The British Army have no right to be in any part of Ireland. At this stage in the peace process to have these heavily armed military helicopters crossing the border is an outrage.

"Concerned members of the public have described these activities as extremely sinister. I have confirmed that the matter was reported to An Gardaí and I myself contacted the Anglo-Irish section of the Department of Foreign Affairs to report this incident. I am now calling on Brian Cowen to express in the most forceful terms possible to the British Government the unacceptability of this situation and demand that they live up to their responsibilities in relation to the Good Friday Agreement and start a proper process of demilitarisation."ENDS

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