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Twinbrook pipe bomb endangered children, teachers and residents - McCann

11 September, 2013 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA for West Belfast Jennifer McCann has stated that those who left a device close St Mark's school in Twinbrook showed absolute disregard for the local community and the children and staff within the school.

Speaking today Ms McCann said:

“Those behind the leaving of a device close to St Mark's school have shown absolute disregard for the local community. This was a viable device. Those responsible have put the lives of residents and both the children and teachers at the school in danger.

“Up to fifteen homes have had to be evacuated and we have had to work very closely with the school to ensure that children were able to be collected and taken from school safely.

“The later was most important given the fact that this device has been left extremely close to the railings of St Mark's nursery.

“There has been a huge amount of disruption and anger generated in this community. Whoever is behind this need to come forward and explain to the community, who they claim to represent, what the endangerment of children, teachers and residents has achieved.

“The simple fact is it has brought only worry and fear to this community, a community who have been very clear in the past that these actions are not wanted and are not carried out in their name.”

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