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Murphy promotes United Ireland economic case in USA

16 September, 2013

Sinn Féin MP Conor Murphy has just returned from the United States where he participated in a series of engagements with Irish American business representatives and US political opinion makers.

The Newry Armagh MP said the primary aim of his trip was to promote a discourse on the economic benefits of an integrated island-wide economy in Ireland.

While in the States, Mr Murphy travelled to Washington DC where he met with representatives from Vice-President Joe Biden’s Office, State Department Officials and Congressman Ritchie Neal. He also had a very useful meeting with CEO of Mutual of America, Tom Moran.

Conor Murphy said:

“I also had discussions with individuals, both Irish American and others who have maintained an interest in Irish affairs. This visit is just the beginning of what we believe will be a serious debate on the economic merits of Irish unity.

“These were all very useful meetings which will inform future discussion. All those I met showed a deep interest in the economic arguments that Sinn Féin is putting forward.

“I impressed on all of them that although the cultural and historical arguments for the reunification of Ireland have been well rehearsed to date, there is a growing realisation that economically unification also makes sense.  

“There is no merit in operating two education systems, two healthcare systems, two sets of business rules and administration and two currencies on one small island. 

“The Irish diaspora has historically made a positive contribution to developments in Ireland and I believe that it will do so on this issue also.  

 “I hope that through this visit the Irish community in America – and particularly those in positions of influence - will be better informed about the situation in Ireland, participate in the debate and assist in moving us in the direction of a better economic future as well as a political one.” CRÍOCH/END

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