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British Army assualt leaves man hospitalised

9 August, 2004

A man was hospitalised late on Saturday night last after he was beaten around the head with rifle butts by members of a British Army / PSNI patrol. Sinn Féin Councillor Jimmy Mc Creesh who visited the injured man said that it was an unprovoked and vicious attack on this man and his friend as they made their way home near Belleek village.

Councillor McCreesh said:

"The hospitalised assault victim required stitches and had x-rays to investigate wounds to both his arms. He was knocked unconscious and had to be taken from the scene into hospital."

"In recent weeks local people have been stopped at checkpoints by British military and PSNI personnel and told, 'South Armagh will be sorted out once and for all'.

"The reports of increased activity by the British military and PSNI, ongoing harassment, and this brutal assault clearly demonstrate that these threats should not be taken lightly" said the Newry and Mourne Councillor who also said that he would be asking local MLA Conor Murphy to raise these concerns with the British and Irish governments immediately.

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