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Sinn Fein Councillors Group Calls for Support for Meath Accessible Transport Project(Flexiebus)

9 August, 2004

"At the recent inaugural meeting of the Meath Sinn Fein Councillors Group a motion of support was unanimously passed supporting "Flexibus" in their demand for continued financial support from FAS and other agencies in order to allow them to completer their 3rd year Social Economy and Rural Transport Initiative Programme".

"Flexibus employs six full-time an three part-time workers. It provides a transport services to rural areas in Co. Meath not serviced or poorly serviced by the public transport system. It works with a number of voluntary organisations such as Enable Ireland, IWA, Youth and Day Care Centres etc".

"This is an important transport services for both young and old, abled

and disabled. It allows the most vunerable of people living in isolated areas to participate in a number of training initiatives. From Jan 03 to May 04 the initiative carried 17,064 people. That the future of this service should be threatened by FAS or any other service agency is totally unacceptable".

"The Meath Sinn Fein Councillors Group calls on FAS and the other agencies involved to ensure that not only does the service continue for the coming year but that long terms plans should now be agreed and put in place as to the future funding of the service".

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