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National Trust housing policy unacceptable

5 October, 2013 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has aid that he is looking a meeting with the National Trust after it was revealed that the Trust have turned down several applications for tenancies due to tenants financial position.

 Mr. McMullan stated,

“Housing should be allocated on the basis of need not the financial position of the proposed tenants.  I am concerned that several people in the Glens area who have applied for homes managed by the National Trust have been refused due to the Trust’s belief that do not have sufficient finances.

 “Not only does this discriminate against families on benefits and low income but it has also major ramifications if the Minister of Environment decides to impose a National Park upon the Glens.

“If a National Park is imposed upon the Glens then many more houses will come under the control of the National Trust making it near impossible for these families to acquire a home.

 “I am calling on the National Trust to meet with me to discuss the matter and I will also be bringing this to the attention of the Minister of Environment.”

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