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There is no excuse for existence of unionist paramilitaries - Adams

12 October, 2013 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams TD speaking at an ‘away-day’ for the party’s Assembly team in County Tyrone has called on unionist leaders to ‘take a firm stand against all of those who are intent on using violence and sectarianism.”

Gerry Adams said:

“The brutal slaying of two men during the week is evidence that so-called dissidents have no alternative to offer to the peace process. Their actions undermine the republican objective of Irish unity and they have no popular support for their activities.

Neither can there be any justification for the continued existence of loyalist paramilitary groups that are engaged in street and sectarian violence and in criminal actions, including the sale of drugs.

It must be made clear to those who have a tolerance for such groups, from whatever side they claim to represent, that there is a peaceful and democrat way to pursue legitimate and genuine political objectives.

There can be no space whatsoever for criminality. There is no excuse whatsoever for violence .

There is also an onus on political leaders to take a firm and united stand against all of those who are intent on using violence and sectarianism.

Regrettably the unionist leaderships have failed in this. They have no difficulty criticising the actions of dissidents but they are less than forthcoming when it comes to the actions of unionist paramilitaries.

There can be no room for ambiguity on this issue. "

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