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Budget 2014 fails the fairness test: Carthy

15 October, 2013

Sinn Féin’s Midlands Northwest EU candidate, Cllr Matt Carthy, has criticised the cuts in the budget targeting the young unemployed saying it was designed to encourage more young people to emigrate and fails the fairness test.

Matt Carthy said:

“This budget failed the fairness test. Sinn Féin had set out a blueprint for a fair budget. The government failed to listen.

“I am very concerned about the impact of this budget on emigration which is already at crisis levels. This isn’t about targeting the work shy, it is targeting the emigration shy.

“This move, like the original Fianna Fáil cuts for those under 23, is sending a clear message to young people who have not yet emigrated, that it is time to go. This will have serious economic and social consequences in the years ahead.

“Emigration is destroying communities and there is nothing in this budget that will turn this situation around. There needed to be a focus on stimulus and creating job opportunities for the young unemployed.

“The cumulative impact of this cut and the growth of unpaid and low paid work on the levels of poverty being experienced by young families is shocking.

“The cuts to maternity benefit will see new mothers losing up to €32 a week and will far outweigh the benefits of the GP card for under 5s.

comes on top of the removal of the tax-free status from maternity benefit last year. These cuts are part of a wider phenomenon that those least likely to vote tend to be seen as an easy target for government cuts. This is the case for the disadvantaged, those on lower incomes and young people. I would say to all of these people – when you next get a chance get out and vote and make your voice heard.”



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