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McKay welcomes A26 funding‏

21 October, 2013

North Antrim MLA Daithí McKay has welcomed the news that the Executive has agreed to allocate £8.1million to the upgrading of the A26.

The Sinn Féin representative said:

"This allocation of £8.1million is good news. It is good news for road safety, good news for commuters and good news for the  construction sector.

"This will result in significant savings in commuter travel time. For example, for someone travelling from Ballycastle to Belfast and back again that works regular hours 5 days a week this would save them 7 minutes 47 seconds a day or 38 minutes 55 seconds each week. That is a significant saving that will benefit commuters, tourists and hauliers alike. 

"More importantly this will help reduce the risk of serious accidents something that there is a history of along this route. For years I have called on the DRD Minister to prioritise this work given the fact that it is a black spot in terms of fatal accidents in recent years and also because of the economic benefits that it would provide.

"This is, I would argue, the worst stretch of road between Belfast and the north coast, even between Dublin and the north coast most of which is dualled. If we are to bring more tourists to the north coast then we have to improve this key piece of infrastructure to reduce journey times to east coast airports in Belfast and Dublin and to increase safety." ENDS

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