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Time for unionists and British to come clean on Glenanne gang

24 October, 2013 - by Conor Murphy

Commenting on the release of a new book detailing the extent of the activities of the UDR Glenanne gang in South Armagh, Sinn Fein MP for the area Conor Murphy said:

“I grew up in South Armagh through these years. Nationalists and Republicans in this area know well about the activities of the Glenanne Gang. It was made up of members of the UDR, the RUC and UVF and was as a matter of policy involved in the sectarian murder of over 100 people.

“The UDR based in Glenanne was a unionist militia. It is time for the British State to at the very least acknowledge its role in these killings. The members of the Glenanne gang were all either directly or indirectly in the pay of the British State. That is an indisputable fact.

“The families of those people murdered by the British State policy of collusion carried out on the ground in South Armagh by the UDR Glenanne gang deserve the truth. There are those within political unionism today who where in leading roles in both the UDR and the RUC, let them come forward and tell us what they know about collusion. The same individuals are very good at engaging in finger pointing at republicans about our role in the conflict. Let them now place the same focus on the role of the Glenanne gang and the role of political unionism in it.

“I commend the families of those killed by this gang and we will continue to support them in their continuing search for the truth about the role of the British State in the murder of their loved ones.” ENDS

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