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Sinn Féin demands City Manager answer questions on sell off of flats

14 August, 2004

Dublin Sinn Féin's held a special meeting last night to discuss the party's concerns about the proposed sell off of Dublin City Council flats. Speaking following the meeting Sinn Féin Dublin City Councillor Daithi Doolan said:

"The recent announcement by City Manager John Fitzgerald that City Council intend to sell off all their Council flats has serious implications for the city. Sinn Féin has grave concerns with the city management's approach to the proposed sell off and the recent comment's by the City Manager further underline this.

"In typical city management fashion, there has been no consultation with residents, residents groups or Councillors and many crucial questions remain unanswered.

"Mr. Fitzgerald states that the issue is not financial but then says the expected 3 billion euro will go to Central Government and not towards funding a home building programme for Dublin.

"He says that he does not want to continue to manage flat complexes, yet he also states that Dublin City Council will be establishing themselves as Housing Managers, similar to private companies managing apartment complexes.

"The Dublin City Manager has many, many questions to answer including how do they intend to sell off the flats and at what cost to residents, how do they intend to manage the complexes into the future where there will be a mix of public and private ownership.

"We also have to ask what impact these proposals will have on those who are currently on the housing and transfer lists and those who are homeless. Furthermore, this sell off appears to be in complete contradiction to Minister Mary Coughlan's policy indicating that rent allowance will now only be issued to a recipient for 18 months, at which point they will be put on Local Authority lists with a view to being housed.

"Local authorities have a direct responsibility to house those living in their areas. How are they going to achieve that if they sell off all of their current stock and have no plans to build sufficient homes in the future?"

Mr. Doolan concluded by saying that "Sinn Féin is demanding that the City Management answer these important questions before any sale of flats take place." ENDS

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