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Full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement basis to resolve the issues for Haass

31 October, 2013 - by Seán Crowe TD

Today representatives of the Good Friday Agreement Implementation Committee from Leinster House, met with Dr. Richard Haass and his team.

Speaking following the meeting, Sinn Féin representative Sean Crowe TD said:

 “The Good Friday Agreement was endorsed by the vast majority of citizens North and South. It is an internationally binding agreement of which the British and Irish governments are joint guarantors. This with the ancillary agreements at St. Andrews and Hillsborough, established and maintained the institutions to which all parties are signed up and play an active part. 

“The issues regarding Flags, Emblems, parades and the legacy of the past could and should be resolved through the framework of the Good Friday Agreement.

“The Agreement also includes a commitment to a Bill of Rights that would safeguard and enshrine these principles. To date the two governments have failed to enact a Bill of rights that would provide a legal framework to address these matters

“The agreement promoted the principles of equality, power-sharing, parity of esteem, respect, and the right to live free from sectarian harassment.

“These are the core principles that will unlock the issues for the Haass process.

“The governments must fulfil their obligations under the agreement and no section of the community or political party can have a veto on its implementation.

“Any proposals arising from the Hass process must build on the Good Friday Agreement and its full implementation.”

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