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Mc Cartney praises discipline of Derry youth

15 August, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond Mc Cartney has praised the discipline displayed by the youth of Derry during yesterday's Apprentice Boys March.

Mr Mc Cartney said:

"I must commend the youth of Derry for their display of discipline during yesterday's Apprentice Boys march through Derry City centre. I monitored the march along with a number of my colleagues and have to say that despite some band members acting in a provocative manner, refusing to abide by the instruction not to play at specific times and the flagrant display of Unionist paramilitary flags the youth of Derry acted in an exemplary manner.

"So much for the promise by the PSNI and the Apprentice Boys that they would not tolerate the display of paramilitary flags but despite this Derry nationalists refuse to be provoked.

"I will be asking my Party Leader, Gerry Adams to protest to the British government at the punitive actions of the British Army in mounting checkpoints at both ends of the Foyle Bridge following the march yesterday. It was bad enough that freedom of movement was all but non-existent in Derry City centre throughout the day without the only exit and entry route being disrupted by these arbitrary actions. If this is what the British Army and PSNI consider community relations then they have once more exhibited their ineptitude. These checkpoints caused long delays and traffic tailbacks along the Culmore Road." ENDS

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