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Young people of Ardoyne and Shankill show the way

5 November, 2013 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann has praised young people from the Shankill and Ardoyne involved in the R City Project.

Speaking at the launch of from Belfast to Blanco Project, which sees a number of them travelling to South Africia the West Belfast MLA said:

“Through working together whether at a community level in Ardoyne and Shankill or internationally with South Africa these young people have shown the way by developing relationships with people from different backgrounds and working as a team to help others.

“Most importantly these young people are turning their backs on sectarianism by reaching across the divisions that separate our community. They are building relationships and making friends with other young people that they may never meet throughout their lives despite living a short distance from each other.

“Together they will use the skills they learn to make a major contribution to improving the lives of the local community in Blanco and then put those skills to use when they return home.

“These young people are our future and they have clearly set out on a path of building reconciliation and bringing hope to others."

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