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Stanley reiterates demand for government to release nuclear report

5 November, 2013 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin's spokesperson on environment, community & local government, Brian Stanley TD, has today reiterated his demand to the government “to release their report into the threat from Sellafield.”

Responding to a Dáil committee presentation on existing and proposed nuclear plants in Britain and their implications for Ireland, Stanley said:

“Today’s presentation by Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland focused on, ‘the implications for Ireland of routine discharges of radioactivity from these existing nuclear plants and the potential impact on Ireland of an accident at these plants.’ But we are still waiting for the publication of the most recent report into the effects of an attack on Sellafield. To date it remains shrouded in secrecy.

“A report into the threat from Sellafield was commissioned in 2007 as part of an agreement between the British and Irish governments. The report cost the Irish public €4.8m, Britain will not be making any contribution to the cost.  Work on the report commenced in 2008 and the Department of Environment released a 13 page summary in November last year. The full contents of this report are being kept secret from the very people who have paid for it.

“The report concludes that incidents at the Sellafield site resulting in the release of radioactive material would result in “no observable health effects in Ireland”. This totally flies in the face of an earlier report from the UK’s National Audit Office (NAO) which states the older storage tanks on site ‘deteriorated so much that their contents pose significant risks to people and the environment.’

“History has shown Irish people cannot have faith in the British nuclear industry. This government must immediately publish the report on Sellafield.”

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