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Cut to single parent tax credit ‘cynical’ – McLellan

7 November, 2013

Sinn Féin Deputy Sandra McLellan has criticised the government for adopting what she has called a ‘cynical and regressive’ cut to the single parent tax credit.

The government has replaced the One Parent Family Tax Credit with a Single Person Child Carer Tax Credit, potentially disadvantaging many separated parents.

The Cork East TD was speaking yesterday during the Finance Bill, where she said that the government was taking a totally unfair approach.

Deputy McLellan said;

“The government throughout this Bill has failed the fairness test. Where the wealthy and those able to pay should have been targeted, this government has tackled the vulnerable and marginalised.

“Instead of introducing a wealth tax, they have introduced a property tax. Instead of tackling high earners they have targeted young workers.

“One of the most obvious example of failing that fairness test is the hit that the single parent tax credit has taken, which is going to be very, very hard on separated parents.

“Many parents in that category have been in contact with me on foot of this, and they are angry, and feel that they have been targeted in a very cynical way.

“There seems to be a sense that in those situations that the cost is borne by the one parent, and that the other parent has nothing to do with the life of the child, and that they never incur any cost due to having a child. In the vast, vast majority of cases, that is certainly not the reality.

“Children will spend weekends with that parent, that parent will contribute to their life financially, whether in terms of educational needs, or sports, or indeed, at this time of year, Christmas presents.

“This was a blunt approach which is regressive and entirely lacking in fairness.”


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