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SDLP need to sort out internal disputes - Raymond McCartney

11 November, 2013 - by Raymond McCartney

Sinn Féin MLA and the party’s Assembly group leader Raymond McCartney, has called on the SDLP to sort out their internal differences on participation in the Executive.

Mr McCartney said:

“The message from last weekend’s SDLP conference is that the party remains divided on the value of participation in the power-sharing Executive at Stormont is disappointing.

“The power-sharing arrangements were designed to ensure and maximise inclusivity.  It is quite bizarre therefore that some senior figures within the SDLP have set themselves against their participation in the Executive, and appear to be more at ease with the politics of the TUV than the parties who are committed to the institutions.

“Their party leadership had an opportunity over the weekend to confront the sceptics within their party on the value of the Good Friday Agreement institutional arrangements and, like last year, they again fudged the issue.

“Only those who are opposed to the peace process and those Unionists who cling to the hope of a return to the old regime and one party rule at Stormont, will take comfort from the SDLP wavering commitment to participation in government.

The institutions need to be supported. The SDLP need to resolve their internal disputes over participation in government.”

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