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Sinn Féin slams public-private partnership housing scheme

16 August, 2004

Dublin City Councillor Daithi Doolan has today slammed a scheme where local councils will lease properties for up to 20 years with private landlords to alleviate the chronic housing shortage in the city.

Responding to the proposals today, Councillor Doolan said:

"The housing crisis within this state has been brought about by government unwillingness to provide funding to local authorities for the construction of social and affordable housing. Moves towards a public-private partnership housing scheme, where the government is leasing property from private landlords represents a dereliction of the states responsibility to provide safe and affordable housing to the people of this state.

"Essentially, taxpayers will be lining the pockets of private landlords, as this government attempts a quick fix solution to a serious and long term problem. A number of landlords within the city are also unregulated, raising concerns as to the suitability of their properties. What criteria have this government used to decide which landlords will profit from this venture?

"Sinn Féin is opposing this public-private partnership approach to the housing crisis and we are calling upon this government to provide the necessary funding to local authorities so they can provide adequate social and affordable housing." ENDS

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