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Catholic Bishops should end selection now

15 November, 2013 - by Chris Hazzard

Sinn Féin Education spokesperson Chris Hazzard has called on the Catholic Bishops to take decisive action and end academic selection tests once and for all.

 Following a Catholic Principals Association survey, which stated that academic selection was damaging the Catholic education system beyond repair Mr. Hazzard said,

 “I welcome the survey from the Catholic Principal Association that once again highlights the injustice of high stakes academic selection at eleven years of age. 

 “Selection of children at eleven is morally corrupt and is undoubtedly putting our young children under undue and unnecessary stress. This survey by the Catholic Principal Association not only reinforces this, but goes as far as to state that continued academic selection is severely damaging the entire sector.

 “The Catholic Bishops have previously stated their desire to end selection yet it continues unabated in some of their schools: in fact children are sitting some of these unregulated tests this weekend.

 “The time is now right for the Catholic Bishops to take the decision and announce that this will be the last time that children are forced through the ordeal of sitting multiple exams when in fact the procedure already exists to move between primary and post primary without unregulated selection exams."

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