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Government would rather our young people leave our shores & become someone else’s problem - Stanley

20 November, 2013 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin’s spokesperson on environment, community & local government, Brian Stanley TD, has claimed the government would rather our young people join the queue to leave our shores and become someone else's problem.
Speaking during Sinn Féin’s motion on the Youth Guarantee Scheme, Stanley said:
“Since Fine Gael and Labour Party came to power unemployment has dropped by a meagre 0.9% with a further 266,000 people leaving the state.
“In fact in my own County of Laois unemployment has actually increased to 8,628 since you came to power. Of which 1510 are under 25.
“Emigration far from slowing down it is peaking this year at 89,000, having increased from 69,200 in 2010.
“In Laois the much trumpeted Job Bridge has yielded a total of 312 internships since it was announced three years ago.
“The evidence is clear, this government’s economic policies, in particular your job creation policy, have failed. Since 2011, the year of Fine Gael’s self-proclaimed “democratic revolution”, 105,000 of our young people left this state. Despite all the government lip service you couldn’t provide our young people with the most basic need, that of a future.
“Not happy with this, in the government’s recent budget you cut their Job Seekers Allowance. You decided in your wisdom to give 26 year olds a measly €100 a week to live on. This is not simply an insult it is a mean message.
“The message is that you no longer want our young people to live here. You would rather they join the queue to leave our shores and become someone else’s problem.
“Sinn Féin is calling on the government to stop the spin and adequately fund a Youth Guarantee Scheme. This requires the government providing €400m as recommended by the National Youth Council and the International Labour Organisation.
“Sinn Féin would ring fence wealth tax income for jobs or young people. We would ensure that a young person would receive an offer a real gainful employment or training within 4 months of becoming unemployed.”

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