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Youth unemployment and emigration has created a “broken-hearted” Skype generation – Ferris

20 November, 2013 - by Martin Ferris TD

Sinn Féin’s Deputy Martin Ferris has claimed that youth unemployment and emigration has created a generation a broken-hearted Skype generation of Irish people. He argued that the government should be ashamed for suggesting that they don’t want to work.
Deputy Ferris said:
“People of my age who watched the tide of emigration in the 1980s hoped that they would never see the likes of it again. The Skype generation, however, is with us and there are broken hearted grandparents all over the country, who get to see their children’s children only on a computer screen.
“I meet them all the time in my own area and everytime I look at my own grandchildren I am so grateful to have them here and only have to imagine the pain of having them born on the other side of the world.
“Figures show us that nearly 65,000 young people are unemployed, but another 105,000 have left the country and the number of young people in employment has fallen by 18,000 since this government took office.
“Minister Burton, in the course of justifying cutting the allowances to people under 25 who are not working, has suggested that they need this incentive to work or train. She should be ashamed of herself suggesting that they don’t want to work.
“Isn’t that why they are queuing at events advertising jobs abroad? Isn’t that why they are going out of this country, to get work? Isn’t that why it is so hard to get into a PLC or other courses, because young people are crying out for training or anything which will improve their chances of employment.
“A Youth Guarantee Scheme must be adequately funded and it must take into account the added difficulties faced by young people living in the countryside or in small towns all over the state.”

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