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Light being shone on activities of RUC Special Branch during Inquest

26 November, 2013 - by Francie Molloy

Speaking as further revelations have been made about the activities of the RUC Special Branch during the Inquest into the murder of Rosanne Mallon, Sinn Fein MP for Mid-Ulster Francie Molloy said:

“The revelation after 20 years that the same weapon used to kill Roseanne Mallon was also used in the attack on the bar in Cappagh, the attack on the Fox family and the killing of Kathleen O’Hagan raises a number of very serious matters.

“There was at the time a belief that the weaponry being used by Billy Wright’s UVF gang was at all times under the control of the RUC Special Branch or other British State Agencies.

“The revelation that a the weapon used in the killing of Roseanne Mallon was used in two other attacks in East Tyrone may not be surprising, but the revelation that the weapon was moved to West Tyrone to murder Kathleen O’Hagan does support the theory, widely held, that the RUC Special Branch were in control of this weapon and that it was moved by them to facilitate attacks.

“The suggestion at the Inquest that this weapon was treated differently by forensic investigators to other weapons seized suggests very clearly that the dark hand of the RUC Special Branch was at work.  

“The Mid-Ulster UVF had since its formation members of the RUC and UDR in its ranks. It is the view of nationalists and republicans in this area that it acted as little more than a state sponsored and directed unionist militia. Much of this was achieved through the activities of the RUC Special Branch.

“I commend the persistence of the Mallon family and others as they slowly but surely shine a light on activities which the British State have tried so hard to conceal.”

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