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Shocking stop and search figures

18 August, 2004

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Human Rights Caitriona Ruane has said that figures released today showing that the PSNI and the British Army had stopped and searched 14,910 in the past 12 months using the repressive powers of the Terrorism Act were 'shocking but not surprising'.

Ms Ruane said:

" The figures released today show that between them using repressive legislation the British Army and the PSNI have stopped and searched 14,910 people in the past 12 months in the six counties. This is a disturbing and shocking statistic.

" However it is not surprising. Sinn Féin have long said that if you place instruments of repression into the hands of unaccountable individuals within the PSNI who have a long record of human rights abuses then these weapons of repression will be used.

" These figures show a force clearly using repressive measures with relish. This picture is far removed from the one continually portrayed by leading SDLP members who endorse this type of repressive policing. Time and again be it through the use of plastic bullets, CS gas, repressive legislation or the facilitation of anti-Catholic parades the PSNI display to the world the true state of policing in the six counties." ENDS

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