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Sinn Féin comment on conviction on historic IRA charges

28 November, 2013 - by Ian Milne

Commenting after the conviction of South Derry man Seamus Kearney for the killing of an RUC man in an IRA operation over 30 years ago, Sinn Fein assembly member for Mid-Ulster Ian Milne said:

“I know Seamus Kearney well. He previously served a long period of imprisonment for IRA activities. The decision to pursue Seamus on these historic charges was wrong, vindictive, unnecessary and counterproductive.

“It is ironic at a time when the Haass process is coming to a conclusion in dealing with legacy issues that a Republican is being imprisoned on historic charges. It seems that the British Government on one had wants to talk the language of building a new future here but at the same time is sending a message that it is continuing to fight old battles.

“Like the previous case of Gerry McGeough, it is our position that Seamus should be released and allowed to return home to his family.”

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