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Anderson condemns EU austerity and militarisation agendas

11 December, 2013 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Speaking in a key debate in the EU Parliament today in preparation for the European Council (Heads of Government) meeting which will take place on the 19/20 December, Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson voiced strong opposition to any move towards increased military spending by the European Union while also sharply criticising the Troika's austerity programmes. 

Martina Anderson said:

“My message to the people of the other Troika programme countries is simple.

“When you are told how successful the Irish programme has been, don't believe it!

“Mass unemployment and emigration, increased poverty, and the devastation of communities and public services are the legacy of the Troika.

“These distressing outcomes are all facilitated by a government which enthusiastically embraces the cuts proposed by the Commission and willingly continues the failed policy of austerity.

“Not content with ravaging the economy of Ireland and the other programme countries, the European Council is now turning its attention to destruction on a far more ambitious scale.

“The noises coming from this Parliament about increased military spending and strengthening of the EU military capacity are truly frightening. I hope that wiser heads will prevail and that the European Council avoids a headlong rush into even further militarisation of the EU.” CRÍOCH

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