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Huge fuel differential further evidence of need for transfer of tax powers - Flanagan

11 December, 2013 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan who is also vice chair of the Enterprise, Trade and Investment committee at the Assembly has stated that there is growing evidence of the need to place a focus on the transfer of fuel duty to the north or Ireland.

Speaking following the publishing of a report which indicated that motorists in the north of Ireland pay £10.60 more per week on fuel than in Britain Mr Flanagan said:

“This report demonstrates that motorists in the north of Ireland are in a very different position compared with those in Britain paying on average over £550 extra a year for fuel.

“It therefore makes sense for the powers which determine and set the rate of duty on fuel to be transferred to the local Executive.

“Fuel duty raises approximately £1billion a year in the North which goes directly to the British Treasury. Transferring fuel duty powers to the Executive would bring the ability to vary the levy rather than have it imposed on us from Whitehall.

“The benefits through greater economies of scale for motorists here need to be factored in and through harmonising rates of fuel duty with the rest of Ireland, consumers could make considerable savings with policies being set placing the people who live in Ireland first, not as a cash cow for Westminster."

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