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Barrosso comments expose failures of Ireland’s ‘yes men’ in Europe

20 December, 2013 - by Matt Carthy MEP

Reacting to the comments from the Head of the European Commission José Manuel Barrosso, the Sinn Féin EU Midlands Northwest candidate Matt Carthy said the remarks demonstrate the failure of Ireland’s Yes men and women at European level including in the EU parliament.

Carthy urged voters in next May’s election to elect MEPs who will stand up for Ireland's interests.

He said;

“José Manuel Barrosso’s comments come as no surprise to me.   Throughout this crisis the EU has failed to take any account of the interests of the Irish people.  Yes, the Fianna Fáil Government must take a large part of the blame for the crisis which we are in, as must the current government for failing to stand up for the Irish people particularly by not insisting that bondholders be burnt. 

“However it is time that the EU and those such as Barrosso admitted that weaknesses at the heart of the Euro put fuel on the flames of the Irish banking and property bubble.  By setting interest rates at a level that suited dormant German and French economies when the Irish economy was overheating they made the situation in Ireland far far worse.

“Without the ECB and the Eurozone, Irish banks would not have had access to the funds at low interest rates which they over lent to the Irish property sector.  It is not good enough for Barrosso to wash his hands of any responsibility.  The EU must also accept responsibility for pushing a culture of light regulation which allowed the Irish banks to act irresponsibly. And it must accept responsibility for the consequences of its opposition to the burning of bondholders. 

“If elected to the EU parliament next May I will not be a Yes man like other sitting MEPs who have sat on their hands as the EU has treated Ireland appallingly.  I will not stand by and let Ireland be bullied by Barrosso or those such as former ECB chairman Jean-Claud Trichet. I will fight for a better deal for Ireland.”


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