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Sinn Féin raises the Right to Vote for People with Disabilities

23 August, 2004

Sinn Fein councillor, Pearse McAleer, has called on the Electoral office to ensure that people with learning disabilities can register and vote in any future election.

Mr McAleer said:

"It is only right and fair that those who have battled against adversity and discrimination are allowed to make their voice heard through the electoral process by using their vote.

The Loughshore councillor continued, "Over the past few elections there have been numerous accounts of people being denied their place on the electoral register because they have a learning disability. Denying people a voice runs contrary to the whole government policy of inclusion and putting the person first. It is clearly anti-democratic.

"There is little value in the government saying that a person with a learning disability should be encouraged to establish their independence and live in the community if the same government then takes their democratic rights away does not make sense and is quite clearly discriminatory.

"This motion we are bring to the Council calls on the electoral office to have procedures in place which can assist those who have learning

disabilities which can enable them to get onto the electoral register and to vote when the election comes round." ENDS

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