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Doherty - Taylor Lets UUP Strategy Out Of The Bag

8 May, 2003

Sinn Féin MP for West Tyrone Pat Doherty has claimed that the UUP's John Taylor has 'let the unionist strategy out of the bag'. Mr Doherty's comments come after Mr. Taylor predicted 'direct rule for a generation'.

Mr. Doherty said:

"John Taylor today proclaimed that he could not see Assembly elections going ahead and he predicted direct rule for a generation. It is clear from Mr. Taylor's remarks that the unionist strategy all along has been to avoid an Assembly election and avoid a return to an inclusive assembly and executive. In short a unionist veto over progress.

"Last week Jeffery Donaldson proclaimed that the Joint Declaration would not pass a UUC meeting. This along with Mr. Taylor's remarks today have quite obviously let the unionist strategy out of the bag.

"Tony Blair should reflect on the remarks made by Mr. Taylor and reflect upon the role he played in allowing the unionist veto to once again subvert the democratic process. It is the continual pandering of the British government over many years which gave the UUP leadership the encouragement to develop this wreckers charter and see Downing Street deliver it." ENDS.

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