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Government Must Support Victims of Conflict

16 January, 2014

Today the All-Ireland Good Friday Agreement Implementation, heard evidence from Anne Cadwallader (author of Lethal Allies) and Margaret Urwin (Justice for the Forgotten) on wide spread collusion between unionist paramilitaries and various members of British state forces. This impacted on communities across Ireland. Many of the victims and survivors of these attacks have been denied truth and support.

Speaking after the meeting, Conor Murphy MP said:

“The book, “Lethal Allies” and the work of the Justice for the Forgotten group, provides irrefutable evidence of the extent of systemic collusion between unionist paramilitaries and state forces. This collusion, and subsequent cover ups, has left a scar across communities including my own constituency of Newry and Armagh and along the Border and notably in the bombing of Dublin and Monaghan. There is a need to right this wrong and for the governments to implement the Haass proposals and supports for victims, North and South. To this end the committee unanimously agreed to support funding for the Justice for the Forgotten to allow them to continue to support victims.”

Martin Ferris TD added:

“All victims and survivors deserve the right to truth and support. The failure to address the past impacts on victims and survivors and undermines the current political process. Sinn Féin believes that this will ultimately require and independent international truth process.

“The recent proposals of the Haass process are a step in the process of truth recovery and support for victims and survivors. Sinn Fein has endorsed the Haass proposals. It is clear that the Irish Government needs to step up to the plate and more forward on the Haass proposals for truth recovery and support for victims in this state. To date the Irish government has failed to hold the British Government to account and failed to support victims.”

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