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Orde trying to cover-up Castlereagh scandal

24 August, 2004

Responding to remarks made by PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde in this mornings Irish News when he said the fact that documents were missing from Castlereagh was 'not sinister'. Sinn Féin Assembly member Conor Murphy said that it appeared that Hugh Orde 'had now become the public face of the ongoing cover-up'.

Mr Murphy said:

" For well over a month now Sinn Féin have been pressing the British Secretary of State Paul Murphy to make a statement on the Castlereagh collusion scandal. So far he has spoken about everything else under the sun rather than tackle an issue which has placed the lives of up to 400 people in danger.

" What we have been able to establish is the following;

  • a dossier is missing from Castereagh
  • the British do not know where it is - yet they are assured by the PSNI that nobody is at risk
  • we are led to believe that it contains the details of up to 400 people
  • nobody on the list has been informed
  • an RIR member was questioned about missing document after being discovered in a classified area of the Castlereagh complex
  • homes were raided in relation to this matter
  • the RIR is a regiment with a long history of collusion with unionist paramilitaries
  • 28 members of the RIR are currently withdrawn from duty as a result of this ongoing inquiry
  • many of these operated from spy posts in nationalist areas including Divis Tower where they could have gathered additional information not contained in the Castlereagh dossier
  • the British government through the NIO has attempted to suppress this story emerging

" In any reasonable persons eyes this episode has all of the ingredients of a massive collusion scandal. No reasonable person will view these events as anything other than sinister. It is now clear that Hugh Orde, at the behest of those within the NIO who are attempting to suppress this scandal, has become the public face of the cover-up.

" But the British government and the PSNI need to be warned that the nationalist and the republican community who have for so long been the victims of British collusion with unionist death squads will not rest until the truth of this matter emerges." ENDS

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