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Anderson MEP hosts collusion delegation in Brussels

24 January, 2014 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson will host a 30-person strong delegation of support groups and family members of victims of collusion travelling to Brussels on Monday and Tuesday (27th & 28th Jan) next week for a hearing themed 'Britain's Dirty War in Ireland'.

The delegation will include representatives from various campaigns including those dealing with the New Lodge, Ballymurphy and Loughinisland massacres.  Paul O'Connor (PFC) and Mark Thompson  (RFJ) and high profile solicitor, Niall Murphy as well as author of the recent publication 'Lethal Allies' Anne Cadwallader, who catalogued the extent of collusion between British forces and their surrogate murder gangs, will be travelling as part of the delegation.

Prior to departure Martina Anderson MEP said:

"The purpose of the delegation is to provide a European platform to the families, campaign groups, legal representatives and individuals who have strained against tremendous odds over the years to expose 'Britain's Dirty War in Ireland'.

"It is intended to expose MEP's and others in Europe to the reality of the role Britain has played in our country’s affairs and that it is not allowed to be ignored or forgotten, or airbrushed from any attempt to deal with the legacy of our past.

"The British government have used every legal and extra-legal move in the book to try to hide what they did – what their polices were and actions carried out by its  forces – both directly and in collusion with unionist murder gangs.

"Among those who will meet with the delegation are, Irish Permanent Representative/Head of Institutional Affairs, Orla Keane, Civil Liberties Representatives and the Representative of the Justice Commission Director General. I am privileged to host such a group of relentlessly determined and dignified campaigners for truth."

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