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Hatred must be challenged to avoid atrocities of the past – Jennifer McCann

28 January, 2014 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin MLA and Junior Minister Jennifer McCann said we must reflect on the consequences of hatred, discrimination and persecution and learn from the past.

Speaking at an event to mark Holocaust Memorial Day at Belfast City Hall last night the West Belfast MLA said:

“Events like today's provide us all with an opportunity to reflect and learn from atrocities of the past.

“As we remember all those killed in the Holocaust and in other more recent genocides in places like Bosnia, Rwanda and Darfur, it is important that we not only honour the dead but that we educate future generations.

“Today and from history we see the human cost of discrimination, persecution and hatred. Today we think of ourselves as enlightened, yet we can still feel resentment towards people because of their religion, culture and beliefs.

“Holocaust Memorial Day serves to remind us of the dangers of extremism and how hatred can lead to intimidation and destruction.

“We must continue to challenge discrimination, sectarianism, racism and homophobia if we are to live in a truly diverse society.”

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