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Sinn Féin launches political reform proposals

29 January, 2014 - by Mary Lou McDonald TD

Sinn Fein has launched a new set of proposals for political reform. The document entitled ‘Towards a New Republic’ is based on the party’s objective of building a republic on this island based on equality for all citizens.

Speaking at the launch of the proposals, Sinn Féin Deputy Leader Mary Lou McDonald said:

“Our country is broken. We have to put it right.

“Three years after this Government promised us a ‘democratic revolution’ we see that citizens have become even more disillusioned and detached from the political system.

“This is because trust has been eroded by successive governments which have fostered a toxic culture of corruption in which there is always money for the elites and none for services upon which some citizens depend.

“This is not the culture of a real republic.

“In a real republic citizens would have rights and society would be organised around those rights. Such a society would be regulated transparently so that all its institutions and agencies.

“Anybody who believes that this is the case in the Ireland of 2014 has their head stuck in the sand. The partition of Ireland created two conservative states with a political culture weighed against the rights of citizens.

“Both states have failed miserably.

“They have been characterised by economic failure, emigration, inequality and a failure to protect the most vulnerable.

“The absence of regulation has allowed for the exploitation of our political systems, financial institutions and even the charitable sector by a golden circle of greedy, corrupt and well-connected elites who have enriched themselves at a huge cost to the Irish people.

“We must tackle these issues on an all-Ireland basis.

“There is a clear and serious lack of oversight, scrutiny or democratic accountability across our political systems.

“From my personal experience, nowhere is this more glaring than in the Oireachtas.

“Sinn Féin believes that these proposals have significant potential to fulfil an urgent need and desire among citizens to bring our political system into the 21st Century. We believe that they will form a positive contribution to an inclusive and much-needed debate about the construction of genuine democracy.” ENDS

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