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NESC report a wake-up call to Taoiseach

25 August, 2004

Sinn Féin spokesperson on Justice and Equality, Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD, has welcomed a report from the National Economic and Social Council that is critical of Government policy, which it says continues to promote inequality in Irish society. He said the report should act as "a wake-up call for the Taoiseach" as he ponders over his cabinet reshuffle.

Deputy O Snodaigh said, "While this report is welcome it should come as a surprise to nobody. That inequality exists in this State is not only obvious for all to see but has been justified and actively supported by members of the current Government.

"While some Fianna Fáil ministers may wring their hands and declare they are doing their best for their constituents, they are being constantly outflanked by the ideologues of the PDs, Mary Harney and Michael McDowell and their fifth columnists in Fianna Fáil, Willie O'Dea and Martin Cullen, who have publicly declared their support for maintaining inequality.

"While Fianna Fáil involves itself in a naval gazing exercise this weekend to contemplate their poor performance in the last local elections they would do well to reflect on the impact their policies are having on society. The devastation of disadvantaged areas through the ending of Community Employment Schemes, their failure to deliver on crucially needed medical cards to those in low paid employment, their failure to provide adequate and affordable childcare, their disastrous performance in relation to housing provision, and the chronic state of and dilapidation in many of our schools.

"They have to understand that the people are not here to serve the economy nor those who control it but rather it is the economy that is there to serve all the people. The obvious wealth that exists in this state must be redirected towards addressing the many social injustices and inequities that the NESC report points to.

"This report should act as a wake-up call for the Taoiseach as he ponders his cabinet reshuffle. He should think long and hard about the continued implications of the PD tail wagging the Fianna Fáil dog." ENDS

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