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MEP’s hear first hand accounts on Collusion

30 January, 2014 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson described the visit to Brussels this week by a 30 strong delegation of family members, Lawyers, Pat Finucane Centre ( PfC), Relatives for Justice (RfJ) and campaign groups this week as an awakening for MEP’s who were until now unaware of the extent of ‘Britain’s Dirty War in Ireland’.

Ms Anderson said:

“I was privileged as a Sinn Féin MEP to bring a 30 strong delegation from across Ireland to the European Parliament to present first hand experiences of British State Collusion in the murders of citizens in Ireland

“They heard how British Government Agents acted with impunity and the government  itself  actively suppressed the truth about its involvement in the Conflict in Ireland. It granted Public Interest Immunity Certificates (PIIC) as a means of suppressing and preventing evidence being presented in open Court and Coroners Inquests. Under the Inquiries Act this ensured secrecy around British State Collusion and de facto immunity for its agents. This policy was clearly evident in the murders of Human Rights Lawyer Pat Finucane and Donegal Sinn Féin Councillor Eddie Fullerton

“In many cases, collusion was planned, authorised and endorsed at the highest level of the British Government. This was evident to MEP’s listening to the PfC, RfJ, a Human Rights lawyer and families from across Ireland who related their own experiences in Brussels this week.

“Those in attendance represented families and spokespersons on behalf of those bereaved in the Ballymurphy Massacre, Kelly’s Bar in Whiterock, the Newlodge 6, Sean Graham Bookies, Loughinisland ,the Shankill UVF killings, Pat Finucane, the Hooded-men, Justice for the Forgotten highlighting the Dublin & Monaghan bombing and  Sinn Féin Cllr Eddie Fullerton.

“Families of collusion are not asking for favours, they are requiring the British State to discharge its legal obligation under EU articles and international law. Apart from it being unacceptable that  the British Government is in breach of its legal obligation to discharge its Article 2 duties, it is appalling that Eddie Fullerton’s family have to take the Irish Government to Court on its breach of Article 2 in relation to Eddie’s death, because the Irish State did not carry out a proper investigation into his murder - nor has it pursued the British Government for information in its possession just as it has failed to do in the case of the Dublin and Monaghan bombings.

“The European Court of Human Rights has already found against the British Government for breaching Article 2 in relation to 12 killings in the North of Ireland - and there are many more to come.

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