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2004 Electorial Canvass underway

30 August, 2004

Sinn Féin National Chairperson, Mitchel Mc Laughlin MLA has appealed to everyone that is eligible to vote to complete the registration forms that will be delivered to homes in the next few weeks.

Mr Mc Laughlin said:

"The annual electoral canvass in preparation for the publication of the new Electoral Register on 1st December is now underway and registration forms will be delivered to homes in the coming weeks.

It is imperative that all those aged 16 and over be included on the new Electoral Register if you wish to make an impact on the direction in which politics develop in the immediate future.

"Electoral Office canvassers will deliver registration forms to all homes beginning today and will then collect them again by early October. I would appeal to those who may miss the Electoral Office canvassers to use the Freepost envelopes to return their forms and if there are not enough forms or you require assistance in completing the forms to contact the Electoral Office or any Sinn Féin Office and we will assist you in securing your vote.

"Remember each person eligible to vote must complete an individual Registration Form. It is particularly important that those eligible to go on to the Register for the first time or who have been removed from the register for any reason fill in the form and get registered. If additional Registration forms are required they will be available at schools, colleges, youth clubs, community centres and local Council Offices as well as all Sinn Féin Constituency offices

"The Local Government Elections will take place here in May of next year with a Westminster General Election also being possible within the next twelve months. If you are not included in the Electoral Register that will be compiled in the course of this registration drive then you will not be eligible to vote in these elections and you will have no say in who represents your political aspirations. I cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of anyone that is concerned about the future of this island getting on the register and using their vote. Your vote can make the difference in securing the full implementation of the Good Friday Agreement and the changes that will guarantee equality and parity of esteem for all."

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